Miniflex Fiber Cable

miniflex fiber cableMiniflex™ Fiber Cable is ideal for last mile deployments in FTTx networks. It is the original and best pushable fiber optic cable on the market.

Its market-leading combination of toughness, flexibility, and small, lightweight size makes it uniquely suited for many FTTx deployments.

Who is Miniflex for?

Miniflex can be used when building community broadband, installing fiber at university campuses, and in commercial or residential buildings.

It reduces the need for specialist skills and resources, which may be unaffordable or even unavailable.

Miniflex can provide the ideal solution for operators, whether you’re: 

  • a MSO (multi-system operator) transitioning from coax to fiber;
  • an operator working on new FTTH rollouts without extensive fiber network installation resources;
  • or an established broadband operator finding you don’t have the resources to roll out within the time and cost constraints of your market.

Paid-per-subscriber installers can deploy Miniflex quickly and effectively without learning new skills. Using Miniflex, installers can expand their service offering from coax TV installs to FTTH installs - using their current workforce and with minimal training. 

What are the benefits of Miniflex?

  • Easy to handle - due to its unique combination of lightness, toughness, and flexibility. It's hard to damage Miniflex during installation and throughout its lifetime.
  • Easy to install whether pushing, pulling or blowing. Miniflex’s hard yet flexible outer jacket means the cable will not kink during installation. This saves costly delays and fiber damage. It can be used both with and without ducts and is suited to both FTTP and in-building installations. When combined with a pre-terminated solution, like PPC’s QuikPush, Miniflex can be installed by non-specialist engineers without the need for splicing.
  • More robust than other small diameter cables - Miniflex’s protective jacket is made of high-quality, injection-molded, hard engineering-grade polymers and features our patented live hinges. This combination of durability and flexibility makes installation easier and less susceptible to costly delays. It also ensures a longer field life and better customer experience.
  • Enhanced end-user experience - Miniflex can be installed with less disruption for the end-user and more reliability (fewer truck rolls) in the long-term. And a happy customer tends to tell others about their experience, resulting in faster take up and a quicker ROI.