Connecting the world with smart fiber deployment and simplified FTTx roll-outs

Low-risk, cost effective fiber solutions for network operators and installers

The Miniflex™ Fiber Cable offers the ideal combination of attributes for fiber protection and deployment. When coupled with our low-friction ducts and unique QuikPush™ system, Miniflex represents the best pushable fiber solution for fast, efficient FTTx installations.

  • Reduces the need for expensive equipment and labor
  • Decreases installation times improving your ROI
  • De-risks deployments increasing effeciency


Pushable Fiber eBook for FTTP
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Fast FTTx deployment with aerial fiber cable

The ideal solution for FTTx installations

Network operators and telecoms installers around the world are faced with countless challenges when undertaking FTTx deployments. m2fx has developed the optimal suite of products to overcome those challenges: Miniflex cable, Quikpush connectors and DVC-lined microduct.



Miniflex cable's patented grooved technology makes installation easy.

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Our Quikpush self-assembly SC connector removes the need for field splicing.

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Our pioneering low-friction microduct makes FTTx deployment fast.

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Pushable Fiber Solutions

Pushable Fiber For Your FTTx Challenge

Solving the last-drop conundrum for any FTTP roll out.

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In-Building Solutions

In-building Fiber Development

Balance the cost of install against preparation for growth.

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Aerial Cable Solutions

Aerial Cable for FTTx

Efficient and cost-effective deployment options for FTTx rollouts

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Fiber Cable Protection

Protecting Fiber Cable

Avoid stressed, cracked or severed cable during installation or use.

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